NepalAQ Talkies

Air South Asia, in collaboration with Clean up Nepal, conducted short interviews with various stakeholders in Kathmandu, Nepal to gain an understanding of people’s perceptions about air pollution in the Valley.

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Week 1: In conversation with a pharmacist from the Kathmandu Valley

Bhishnu Prasad is a pharmacist and has lived in Kathmandu for the past for 12 years. In this video, he talks about the deteriorating air quality in the valley and provides anecdotal evidence for the increasing health impacts of air pollution.

Filmed in August 2018

Week 2: In conversation with a taxi driver in Kathmandu

Dill Bahadur Budathoki has been a taxi driver for three decades, and has lived in the Kathmandu valley during the time. In this video, he talks about his health issues including coughing, shortness of breath and irritations in the eye, and how air pollution and dust are contributing to deterioration his health. He believes that the government is responsible for mitigating air pollution and laments about problems of poor road conditions.

Filmed in 2018