Nepal Air Pollution Perception Survey

As part of a workshop organized by Air South Asia and Clean up Nepal in August 2018, groups of participants prepared specific work products based on issues of local importance. One group, comprised of Enna Mool, Dristy Shrestha and Prasidha Raj Neupane analysed results from a perception survey and prepared a short video.

The survey was conducted by Air South Asia and Clean Up Nepal on social media between August and November 2018 and 211 people submitted responses. The survey was aimed to understand the perceptions of people in Nepal on the issue of air pollution, including their assessment of major sources and health impacts as well as solutions to improve air quality.

Results from the survey were recently covered in Nepali Times.

You can also check out other videos of stakeholder interviews here.

For any other questions or comments, please write to info[dot]airsouthasia[dot]gmail[dot]com.

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