Symposium: Air pollution in Kathmandu valley

The international conference on “Mountains in the Changing World” (MoChWo) is an annual event organized by the Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences ( It aims to provide a forum for international/national scholars, researchers, policy maker and students with opportunity to share their research findings and knowledge related to various aspects of mountains (see focus areas below). We are sure that this conference can be an effective and insightful for the benefit of people depending on mountains.

The third #MoChWo 2018 conference will be held in ancient town of Kathmandu on October, 2018.

As part of the conference, a symposium is being organized on air pollution in Kathmandu valley. This symposium will provide a platform for scientists, researchers and students working in the field of air pollution to discuss this common problem and share their research findings.

Details on the symposium are available here. Please visit the conference website for details.



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